Dick DeVos Publishes A Report On The Philanthropic Giving Of His Family

The DeVos family of Grand Rapids, Michigan have been known for many reasons over the course of the 20th century and into the 21st century, particularly in terms of the business role the family has played in Michigan and across the world. Recently the philanthropic choices of Dick and Betsy DeVos have fallen under the spotlight of the media and the amazing level of charitable giving provided for various good causes by Dick DeVos and wife Betsy has both shocked and pleased commentators from across the globe; in reading about the contributions to charitable groups of the DeVos family as a whole I was amazed to discover they have given around one quarter of the estimated $5 billion fortune away in the name of charity.


It is important to understand the philanthropic workings of families like that of Dick DeVos in my opinion as we should all applaud these wealthy philanthropists for taking the plunge into social issues that interest them. Dick and Betsy DeVos are perhaps best known for their work as education reformers, but I can find no fault in any private individual choosing to provide around $139 million to charitable groups throughout their lifetime. I was pleased to discover the use of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has continued over recent years with 2015 seeing the couple provide around $11.6 million in contributions to various charitable groups; the contributions of the Foundation are twice the level of the political contributions made over the same period, showing myself and other interested parties the main areas of interest for the couple.


Dick DeVos has always been a figure I have admired for more than just his business success, which has obviously been great as the architect of the realignment of the DeVos family’s AmWay group to prepare the company for success in the 21st century. I have always admired the fact Dick DeVos was willing to start as an everyday worker at the AmWay Group before making his way up the promotional ladder as an executive after a decade working for the family business. Over the course of his career, Dick DeVos has also been willing to prove himself in other areas of business that have taken him to the NBA as the CEO of the Orlando Magic franchise and to the investment industry as the founder and leader of The Windquest Group.


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