A Cautionary Tale About Bad Online Reviews

Bad reviews do not just come from unhappy customers. Disgruntled employees have been known to publish negative commentary. Lashing out at an employer through taking complaints online is not unheard of. Websites do exist specifically for the purpose of allowing employees to vent. Some employees may even take to online review sites and publish customer-scaring reports. In Dallas, a publicized case shows just how far troubled employee/employer relations can go.

A criminal case surrounding the owner of a SEO business and a mergers and acquisition company has raised eyebrows. Essentially, the criminal case purports that malicious reviews were published as an alleged form of “retaliation“. The accused is defending on First Amendment grounds.

The company that claims to have been harmed has stated the business lost from the negative reviews is in the range of $75,000.

Experts from suggests that business owners should look at this case and ask a simple question — What if the bad reviews were all sincerely written by a number of former clients and customers? The answer is fairly easy to conclude. The company would have lost business. The company would surely continue to lose business as long as the bad reviews remain online.

Yes, bad reviews and bad publicity are capable of doing a lot of harm. No matter what the reason behind the negative content might be, the content is going to cause harm. Unless steps are taken to reverse the damage that is. There are ways to reduce the harm that bad reviews cause. Working with a reputation management firm is the best step to take.

A reputation management firm is sure to employ a tempered hand when addressing online reviews. A business owner might decide to add his or her own comments. Such a decision might make things worse. There is only one way to respond to or rebut bad reviews. That would be the correct and professional way. Business owners who get caught up in their own emotions may make statements then end up regretting. With a professional reputation management firm, improper decisions and their resulting bad outcomes end up being avoided.


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