Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Waters ‘Erupts’

According to a recent press release, Waiakea Water recently announced a growth of 5,000 percent since the product was launched back in 2012. The volcanic water began as rain and melted snow on Mauna Loa’s volcano. It’s filtered through thousands of feet of the volcano’s porous rock which infuses the alkaline water with electrolytes.

Premium water brand Waiakea water began on a platform of charitable initiatives, sustainability, and health. This past year the company added its water to almost 2,000 stores in 30 states in the U.S. To celebrate the success of their Waiakea spring water, the business recently opened a new manufacturing plant in Hawaii in order to meet the increasing international demand.

According to New You, Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea Water, told the press: “I am incredibly proud of the growth we’ve accomplished in just a few years. He added: “We’ve gone from selling a couple thousand cases of Waiakea a year to more than 120,000 cases.” He concluded: “It feels even better knowing that as a result of this increase, 500 million liters of clean water have been donated to underserved communities in Africa.”

Emmons and company are encouraging people to “drink ethically.” In a partnership with Pump Aid, Waiakea water provides 650 liters of clean water for each liter they sell. It is this very charitable action that accounts in part for the company’s success.

The company is proud of mineral-rich, naturally alkaline and electrolyte-filled water sourced out of reportedly one of the purest locations on earth. They also note that their water is packaged in recycled bottles. Emmons says: “I believe much of Waiakea water success can be attributed to doing things differently–for one thing, we are the first premium bottled water to be certified CarbonNeutral,” additionally noting that by “focusing on health, sustainability, and ethics”, they have created “a brand that makes individuals feel good on multiple levels.”

Noob Prenuer reported that Waiakea Water has, on average, witnessed a yearly growth rate of approximately 170 percent. The business is presently said to be worth more than $10 million. Their bottled water is now available in outlets across the U.S. including Wawa and Whole Foods and is also hitting select shelves in the international market.

Emmons reiterated that for each liter sold the company is donating 650 liters of water to disadvantaged groups in Africa through Pump Aid. He also reports that their company is officially certified as “CarbonNeutral” because of its numerous eco-initiatives.

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