Women & Their Bad Hair Habits

This article isn’t written o call anyone out in particular. This article is written to expose what many women are doing wrong when it comes to managing their hair. Some of the things mentioned can be easily erased and repaired while others might take some time to heal. All in all, if you’ve experienced hair breakage or even hairloss this article is written for you. First and foremost starts with the amount of times you wash your hair. If you’re washing your locks more than three times per week, you’re actually doing more harm than good. Overwashing strips the natural oils from your scalp and when that happens, sebum production will rise which will give you that greasy feel.

Throw away those powerful yet harsh conditioners and shampoo. Standard conditioners and shampoo can cause dryness of the scalp, dandruff, flakes, and breakage. Their formulas are loaded with chemicals and when these chemicals are overused, damage occurs. Perming your hair may give it a unique appearance, but these chemicals are extremely strong. So strong to where it can eat straight through a tin can if it isn’t wiped away. Now is your scalp more resilient than a tin can? Stop putting dyes in your hair. If you must do it then only do it to a minimum. Dyes are full of harmful sulfates that aren’t natural.

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