Talk Fusion Creates Innovative New Program

CEO Bob Reina recently traveled to the mountains in hopes of buying a mountain home. He worked to create a video of his potential purchase to send to his mother seeking his advice. When the video was completed, he hit the send button only to get the aggravating message that the video was too large for the email program to handle. Now, most people would have had to stop at that point showing the video to his mother only when the two could be together. Lucky for Bob, he is the CEO of Talk Fusion so when he returned to work, he ordered his team to create a program that could handle such emails. The solution that’s they created is called Talk Fusion Video Chat.

On August 15,2016, that program won the Communications Solutions Products of the Year award from Technology Marketing Corporation. Before you experience your own frustration, this innovative solution is available to everyone via Google Play and iTunes.The number of things that you can easily create with their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution is truly amazing. Imagine if you are a charity and you want to show your supporters exciting programing at your event. Just shoot some video and upload it in one of the many available templates. Hit the send button and watch as the donations start rolling into your program. Alternatively, imagine if you are wanting to invite everyone to an important family event such as a birthday or an anniversary. Instead of enduring the expense of sending everyone a mailed invitation, create a video and invite them through email. They will love seeing your creation and will remember the important upcoming event.On the other hand, if you are a business needing to market a product, then this tool can be an invaluable way to connect with your existing costumer base. Customers can then share your video allowing it to go viral.

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