Olympic Valley Growth Is The Aim Of Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is a name well known to people who live and work in the Lake Tahoe region, and to those who are involved in the resort industry the popular manager has been part of for the majority of his adult life. Born in Germany, Andy Wirth found himself studying in Colorado when he decided he wished to make beautiful parts of the world his home and career; continuing his education in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh also allowed Wirth to realize travel was the industry he was destined to work in.

Over the course of his career Andy Wirth has always looked to develop the area of the world he is living and working within, which has seen him look to find the best possible ways of bringing continued success and higher visitor numbers to each and every destination he works in. Wirth has proven himself to be a success in increasing visitor numbers for various destinations through his impressive work on the boards of various airport authorities across North American and into the Caribbean. Wirth is now well known as the Chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport Authority Board he hopes to bring new airline carriers to with higher numbers of visitors.

Andy Wirth is not only interested in providing an impressive tourism industry to the areas of the world he works and live in, but he is always looking to help the local community flourish during his time with them. Among the causes Andy Wirth is well known for working within is the raising of money for families of Navy SEAL’s who are struggling to survive when service members are working overseas; Wirth completes iron man competitions to raise money for this cause and has worked as a volunteer firefighter in the past as he looked to give something back to this California based community.

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