Eric Pulier – Philanthropist, CEO, Benefactor, Family Man

Eric Pulier was in the fourth grade when he discovered he had a love for computer programming, and when he reached high school, he began a computer database company. He is a 1984 graduate of Teaneck High School, in Teaneck, New Jersey. He then went on to graduate, with a BA and as Magna Cum Laude, at Harvard University in 1988. He also took a few classes at MIT. While in college, Mr Pulier authored the Pulier Leg, for Harvard Crimson Weekly, where he was also one of the editors.

Mr Pulier is the founding presenter of Ace Foundation, an establishment that is basically changing software construction and how it is implemented in world challenges. Another of Mr. Pulier’s philanthropic endeavors is to use current and new technologies to aide afflicted children, and others, whether physically or economically impaired, around the globe. Eric Pulier is also the creator of a multimedia instructional program that teaches those with Multiple Sclerosis about their disease and also helps the Multiple Sclerosis Society with public understand and learning to cope with this disease.

Eric Pulier is a donor to various no -profit organizations . He is on the X Prize foundation’s Innovation board, which hosts competitions for solving the greatest challenges to humanity. He is also a donor to The Painted Turtles, a camp for kids with chronic illnesses.

In 1997 Eric Pulier was selected, by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, to create and complete “The Bridge to the 21st Century”, which is Washington, D.C.’s Presidential Technology Exhibit. He also took part in the Al Gore Health Care and Technology meetings and many other technological and health care enterprises and advisories. Mr. Pulier is also a member of The Clinton Global Initiative, a Bill Clinton endeavor. Unfortunately, Eric Pulier has many more accomplishments, there is just not enough room here to list them all. To learn more about Eric Pulier, visit:

Eric Pulier is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Service Mesh, Inc., which supplies cloud management programs enabling self-service IT to Global 2000 customers.

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